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Re: Circumcision in Switzerland

The big deal is that the bit that gets cut off is actually the most sensitive part of the penis. It's not just there to protect the glans. I know that being circed doesn't stop men from having great sex lives, but I think it should be their choice. Very few intact men (in Europe or the USA) choose to be circumcised, and some of the ones that do regret it.

The circumcision rate in the US is about 56%, but on the way down, partly due to demographics. It used to be about 90%. It still is around 90% in the mid-west, but only around 30% in California, and not much higher on the east coast. Australia's circ rate has dropped from over 90% in 1950 to 12.5% now, and the Australian Medical Association is talking about banning non-religious circumcision, unless there's a specific medical reason. (even though most of their doctors are either circed themselves, or married to circumcised men)

Phimosis (a tight foreskin) can almost always be treated without circumcision, but even if it needs to be done, it's still better to have it done later than earlier. Only about one in 160 males in the UK need to be circed for medical reasons, so if 160 babies are circumcised, then one might have needed it anyway later on, but that still leaves 159 who had it done unnecessarily.

I can't stop you from having your son circumcised, but I really think you should give him the choice when he's older, and I think doing it right after birth is the worst time to do it. I just can't see a downside to waiting.

You might want to look at a video of the operation first.

I think some mohelim will circumcise gentiles btw, but personally, I'd prefer a paediatrician to do it (some mohelim are both). The males in the UK royal family used to be circumcised by a mohel. Prince Charles and his brothers were circumcised, but Princes William and Harry are not.