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Re: Circumcision in Switzerland

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What's the big deal? Circumcision is very common in the US, and being American I, like millions of others, "shed my skin" right after birth and suffered no ill effects. I do not know if it is still common practice in the US, and I think in Europe it is rarely done. There are pro's and con's to most medical procedures, one of the con's of not circumcising is when the foreskin is too tight, resulting in a painful erection, circumcision is the only cure in this case. People have died during the most simple, common, and routine of operations, so citing a few examples where the operation was botched is not representative of the risks as a whole.
Hello, Your signature says you are very concerned about climate crisis which takes about a few hundred years to take effect even if we all believe in human involvement in it, but want to put a kid to circumcision

It does affect a great deal, although not life threatening when you do it on child birth.

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