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Re: Circumcision in Switzerland

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Let's link two unrelated issues by using the word 'circumcision'. Female Circumcision is a completely different issue to male circumcision.
Ummm! and where exactly did I say male and female circumcision were exactly same? Which part of "I know it's not exactly same as male circumcision " did you not understand? I guess you missed my point completely. I was saying that on a public forum when someone starts a thread about a controversial subject then one has to be prepared to get all kinds of views. You can't play the "thread hijack" card.

To further demonstrate my point I mentioned FGM. Meaning that if I started a thread asking purely the contact details of a person who carried the FGM procedure then would opponents of FGM be wrong to voice their opinion on that thread? Would they be classed as "thread hijackers" as well?
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