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Re: Lifetime ban for EF original members?

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Rofl! I could already see our forum conspiracy theorist start diggin for the UFO and the dead figure out why exactly that has happened. Thanks for the explanation Slapheap...not that I really cared but some people will be able to sleep at night again.
Dear LIB

I read your snipe before I walked to work this morning and was not going to respond. However, while I contemplated on your comments and with some distance and perspective feel that you do indeed warrant some feedback.

Some background: I visit this forum every day and have done so for the past 6 years. I became member since EF was a very small community, when people and forum ethos was just being created. However, you will also see from my post count that I still follow the old principles of this forum which is don't create noise. Out of respect, this is exactly how I choose to use this forum.

I NEVER condemn your forum style. How you choose to use EF. Yes, it is good fun for you to "not care" fine... But I think it shows more about you than me, that you choose to sit in judgement over something I felt strong enough to actually post about.

Unlike those who need their daily hit of forum attention, I asked an appropriate question to the appropriate people without wanting, or needing a drama.

I know you do not care but don't be so disrespectful to those who do and give them the same tolerance and grace they show you.

Gal xx
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