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I keep getting hassled by the local chimney sweep, who wants to sweep our chimney....I keep trying to explain to him, that we don't use the fireplace. Anyway his latest argument is that it's the law that all chimney's have to swept once a year regardless if it used or not....Is this true??

Are you in a flat or your own house? What sort of central heating have you got?

In Neuchatel it is compulsory. We have to pay ECAP which is a compulsory fire insurance, no choice in the matter. The Commune would send the cops if you refused, and your fire insurance would be nul and void in case of a fire- even if the cause is totally separate from your chimney. My old dad complained to his mate who was the chimney sweep that it was a licence to print money, the guy replied 'Ben André, t'avais qu'ŕ faire ramoneur' in his strong Bernese accent
'Well André, why didn't you become a chimney sweep'.

We use our wood burner all the time though, and have oil central heating- so fair enough.
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