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Re: To file or not to file a US tax return...

I am not 34 years old and I am not a US citizen. But let's continue the game anyway. Let's say we are talking about Joe.

Everything is true except for a few major details.

So Joe left the USA in the summer of 1993.
He filed a US tax return for the year 1993 because he had worked in the USA during the first half of 1993 and he has a good conscience.

Now Joe has not filed a US tax return since 1993.
That's like 18 or 19 years!
He has gone back to the USA on numerous occasions (on average once a year) and he has never run into any problem.
Actually, since he's become a citizen of country A, he has travelled to the USA with his Country A passport... which might be against US law...

Ok. Joe wants to come clean.
Can he?
(His income in country A has always been below 100K)
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