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Re: To file or not to file a US tax return...

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If what you said is true that you "never want to live in the USA again," why don't you just make an appointment with the US Embassy in Bern and give up your citizenship?
As I said, I am not Joe and I am not a US citizen.
Joe is a US citizen (as well as a citizen of Country A).

It is true that I never want to live in the USA again, but Joe might want to go back some day. Thus Joe should file for the last 18 years!!!! Joe paid lots of income tax in Country A and Joe never made more than 100K per year. We strongly believe that Joe has no US tax liability.

So Joe should download 18 years of tax forms, fill them all and send them to the IRS. I'd like to see the face of the IRS agent who will open the envelope...
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