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Re: Advice to all people on shipping parcels to Swiss

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We had couriered few items which Fedex while shipping has put text - 'Personal use' and we are charged a tax which is more that the items shipped. Fedex says they had already paid customs and cleared my parcel and I have to pay them now. The reason they give is - the parcel should have - 'Personal belongings'. It is for the fedex to know what text is needed. Anyways.. I think they would take some other reason to tax. So advice is not to courier using Fedex. No experience with other couriers. Dont be surprised if some xyz ships u items and make you cough up paying money to fedex. They dont even take consent of yours to clear the shipment. Had I been informed on the customs amount to clear it, I would have asked them to forget it and let it go off at the customs dept only.
Your 'advice' is more accurately a rant.

The problem seems to be that either you or the shipper does not know the rules. FedEx is not the shipper, it is the courier. It is the shipper, not FedEx, who declares the contents and the value.

If the tax exceeds the correct percentage of the value declared by the shipper, you can protest the invoice to FedEx. (In most countries, international inbound freight is zero-rated for VAT.)

I agree with Kristanez that FedEx is the most reliable of the courier services, at least based on my own few decades' experience.
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