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Re: Tax on Overseas Earnings?

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I moved to Switzerland (B Permit) about a year ago, but kept my job in my home country (working remotely) and have been earning overseas. Am I responsible for paying income tax in Switzerland on my overseas earnings?
In some cases the answer is no!

Here is one case where I know that the answer is no:

You are a university professor in country A. You come to Switzerland on sabbatical at some Swiss university. Your main income is your salary from your home university in country A. In addition, you have a small salary from your host university in Switzerland. Then...

(a) You certainly don't pay taxes to the Swiss government on the income you are receiving from your home university in country A. You do of course pay taxes on that income to your country A.

(b) You pay a small amount of tax on the salary that you get from your host university. That small amount of tax is automatically taken out of your paycheck. You don't have to file a tax return in Switzerland because your Swiss income is too small.

(c) In most cases, you are supposed to declare your Swiss income in your tax return to country A.

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