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A Lunch Place Not Open AT LUNCH!!!!!!

This post has been two days in the works because I was deciding whether or not to write it. Will people just tell me that I need to stop complaining and go npback to where I came from? This is Switzerland they will say. But after thinking for a while I decided....l have to post this.

At work I almost always bring my lunch because eating out every lunch would be an expensive endeavor that could be used for better things. Anyway, I forgot my lunch Friday and have always seen co-workers with delicious sandwiches from a local sandwich/bakery down the street. So noon hits, the kids go to recess and I stroll down to the sandwich shop. As I approach, I see the door closed and lights off. "oh no" I think, "did something bad happen?" As I get closer, I see the sign. Closed daily from 12:00 to 14:00. HOW THE F DOES A LUNCH PLACE CLOSE AT LUNCH!!!?? This is the dumbest thing I have EVER heard of. Is this not completely insane to anyone else? When I got back with no lunch, I asked them how they got theirs and they responded by saying that you have to go in the morning, before they close for lunch!!! Sometimes I think that business here don't actually want BUSINESS...lunch places closing at lunch, grocery stores closed by 5. Holy #*%#.....rant over.

I now truly believe my Swiss co-worker who always tells me that the Swiss revel in the art of inconvenience. This is true proof of that.
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