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Re: Another Tax Question

I posted this in Forum Support on 16th and 18th March before also posting in Finance drawing attention to the pattern:

16 March: There seems to be something going on with the posts in the finance section recently, and it relates to the profile information. There have been quite a few newbies starting new threads in that section recently with random questions that they very probably could have found answers to by searching the forum (or using Google). Instead, they start a new thread in the finance section. Though newbies obviously do this from time to time, these threads have another thing in common: the only information they give in their profile is a location. Although there are other members here who also have a scant profile ( ), there seems to be a pattern to this recent spate of new threads by newbies:
  • newbie
  • starts new thread in finance section
  • gives only their location in their profile
  • hasn't posted much else.
Though this might not be the reason for these newbie threads, there are longstanding threads in the finance section that certain companies/individuals might well want to push further down the page. A couple of those threads were bumped earlier this week and this pattern of newbie threads has continued since then.

Some of the newbie threads which have the above points in common:

Tax on Overseas Earnings?

Credit Score Rating/Agency in CH

Suggestions on investment - real estate in la cote or...

how to apply a car loan from bank?

pay taxes for property outside Switzerland?

How to Save My Property Tax In US?

buying gold in zurich

Which canton do I have to register/pay taxes in?

Update my tax declaration after its sent.

Best sterling (GBP pounds) savings account ?

US tax - green card holder
18 March: More newbie threads posted in the finance section today conforming to the pattern mentioned above:
Customs to bring in household and personal items?
UN & (US) tax clarification
Threads of this kind have since continued, although some of the profiles have now become more detailed:
Another Tax Question
Money to open a bank account
Moving for temp work for 6 months to CH then back to Germany to work

Some of these may be genuine, but it would seem a coincidence if they all were.
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