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Re: IMPORTANT Zurich announcement about insuring foreign registered motor vehicles

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this statement is complete nonsense, a mate regularly travels all over germany and east as far as the ukraine using his U numbers. as far as i'm aware italy is the only EU state that doesn't like swiss traders plates.

a few years we were going to fly to liverpool taking the plates with us and borrow a car from a mate of mine, put the swiss plates on it then drive to newcastle, collect an automatic transmission for his camaro , drive back to liverpool and fly home paying a fair price for the gearbox as excess baggage.

his insurance company issued a green card and were fully aware of exactly what we were doing.


Confirmed by a garage owner:
"Trailers using Swiss garage trade plates are not insured in some EU states, and there for illegal" Many years back, isn't under current regs.
since trailer regulations vary pretty widely across the entire planet and not just in the EU you may well be correct on that, but i was not talking about trailers and unless i missed something neither was the original poster...........
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