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Officially unemployed - unemployment benefits

My employer gave me a shocker on just a day before I went on a holiday citing reasons of poor financial situation of company and my work inefficiency (This reason was not much not convincing) for pre-maturely terminating my contract

Anyways I am non-EU/non-American, I started working on L-permit in Bern in Sept, 2011 end. On a 1 month notice, coming April would be my last working month. My L-Permit expires in 3rd week of Sept, 2012.
  • Does that mean I can still stay in Switzerland and look for a job ?
  • Also, what kind of problems will I face to change my canton or look for another job ?

In addition I searched on this forum and on web, I found that to get unemployment benefits there should be atleast 12 months of contributions made to AHV/AVS in last 24 months (1st May, 2010 to 30th April 2011). Now by the end of coming April, total 8 months of unemployment insurance would be paid by my present Swiss employer in Bern. This means I am still short of 4 months to avail the unemployment benefits.

Before this job, I was doing part time jobs on permit-B as a student between May, 2011 to Jan, 2011. This was in another canton(ticino). In total 9 months of AHV/ALV contributions were made during this period although the value of contributions was way lesser.

From Feb, 2011 to July, 2011 I was doing internship in Munich and all that time I still held the Swiss B-permit (I also paid social insurance in Germany)

So between May, 2011 and end of coming April, around 9+8=17 months of contributions were made towards AHV/ALV in Switzerland.
  • Now, am I wrong in assuming that I should be eligible for getting unemployment benefits ?

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