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Re: New to the forum, not so new to ZH

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Hello peoples,

Amazingly enough I've lived around ZH for 10 years now without realizing that this forum exists. Well, since a month or two back I've been lurking, and have finally gotten around to registering.

I was born here in switz, moved to the states fairly young, spent quite a few of my formative years over there, and have been back here since '01. Culturally I feel at home and alienated both here and there, neither/nor, something of an anomaly at any rate. At any rate, glad to be here, hope it will be an enriching experience for all.

Welcome. This forum was originally created for alienated nomads like you and me. But since it is now owned by a business.... not really sure what its about anymore myself. Conversation and web traffic, I guess.

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