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Re: My dog nearly died last night!!!

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hello all,
we picked Herbie up after an overnight stay at the hospital. I am happy to report he is back to normal.
We called in to our local vet (who we like and trust) and the conclusion from all concerned seems to be a bee sting from our garden. Yesterday I spent all day chasing bees away.
This was a very severe reaction which I am informed could be worse next time. So we now carry a syringe and ampoule of cortisone and will need to give him a jab if he falls victim again. The problem is we like walking our dogs and currently I'm sort of paranoid everytime he bounds off. I could not conceive of keeping him on a lead all the time.
Very worrying and I hope it does not happen to any of you good folks.
Thank you for the update!

Maybe the best thing to do is to determine a fixed place for the syringe and ampoule (e.g. blue jacket pocket) and I'd definitely ask the vet for multiples so you can either put them in several places (if you are the only one walking Herbie) or give them to all people responsible for Herbie.

Fly nets might not be a bad idea either.

I'm so happy to hear that the chance of it being some creep spreading poison shrank back to zero.

I hope you all recover from the shock soon and that something like this never happens again.
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