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Finally i sent all my invoice to EGK (blood test, toxoplasma, ultra scan, first appointment at 8th weeks).
I received 3 letters from EGK

First letter came a month ago. It said that i have to pay the iron supplement money to them. My obgyn prescribe me for iron supplement. At Sun Pharmacy, they told me that i didn't need to pay for it. the insurance will pay it. Apparently EGK disagree about that and asked me to reimburse it.

Second letter came a couple of weeks ago. It said that they have rcvd the invoice from Dianalabs for the toxoplasma test and they have transfer the full amount into my account directly . Apparently, Dianalabs also sent the invoice to EGK so it came first. so i received the money before i paid it.

Third letter just arrived today. It came in reply to all the reimbursement that i sent :
  • 1st appointment with my Obgyn at 8th weeks was my responsibility therefore they will not reimburse it
  • ultrascan at 8th weeks was my responsibility therefore they will not reimburse it
  • a week after my 1st appointment, i have other appointment for pap smear and they will not reimburse it too
  • other blood test done on my first appointment ( iron, glucose, trombosite, etc) was my responsibility too and will not be reimburse
  • apparently Unilabs has sent EGK the invoice for my first trimester screening blood test done at weeks 12 directly. I, myself hasn't received the invoice thus i haven't paid it yet. EGK said that this is also my responsibility and therefore i have to paid the amount to EGK. I assumed that means that EGK has paid it directly, even though it said nothing about it. Which is a little bit weird, previous instead of paying it directly to dianalabs, they gave me the money.
I am confused. I understand from my Obgyn that ultrascan and appointment at 8th weeks will not be reimburse. So i can accept it.
But shouldn't the blood test, pap smear test get reimburse?

i didn't know about the second appointment at 12th weeks. i haven't send it to EGK. Hopefully they will reimburse it once it sent.
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