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Re: Singing in my apartment

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Btw im not a professional singer, im not trained, im just loud and overexcitable and cant help but randomly burst into song!
One of these wierdo people who wishes their life was a musical so i could just sing and break into a dance in the middle of the street.
Obviously this isnt condoned world wide, never mind switz! Lol
Shall keep the noise to 'office' hours if i can!

Whiney wimpy voice?! Pah, and no singalongs to James blunt either im afraid!
You said it and if I am honest, if I had someone in the apartment block 'bursting into song' all the time, I would go up and complain to them for being a pain in the ass.
It might be happy and smiley for you but probably not for your neighbours.

Are you?
a, American.
b, Working in HR
c, Someone who thinks its cool to be eccentric
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