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Re: Final cleaning: self or cleaning agency?

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4. Demand and Supply. Everyone wants to have it cleaned at the end of March, June, or September.
That's not at all it. Except of course if you wait until the last minute to decide take a professional cleaner on, which is your fault, and the cleaning agencies have to scramble to get qualified people to come in and do the job.

The landlord wants to make that money from you. Trust me. I mean why else when the apartment isn't done to their perfect liking they have their own number on speed dial, often times of a relative that comes in and does it the way "they like it" to be done? 1000 CHF is a deal for a standard apartment. It's hard work for 1 person to cover, so if they bring in more people the price mounts.

Most people also think that the level of cleaning they get done themselves is adequate and that the landlord will see that. Trust me, unless the building is seriously run down, and even in those cases most of the time not, they take advantage where they can. I have helped on end of cleanings, on the kitchen and the bathroom alone people under estimate what has to be done.

On the kitchen people often think just getting the cupboards, walls, and floors seem to be enough. But there is so much more. Grease travels everywhere. The stoves have to look brand new inside and out. The metal grate inside the stove has to look brand new. The filter has to be replaced in the ventilation. On top of all the cup boards the grease needs to be taken off. The ventilation in the ducts on stoves should be removed and cleaned. The fridge needs to be turned off, freezer needs to be thawed, all the rubber around the doors need to be cleaned, any filters that might be gummed up with bacterial growth have to be taken care of. All the kick plates off the floor, under the sink, garbage can inside and out, pipes need spider webs, bacterial growth, food stains etc. Radiators need to be done. Pipes need to have hair or food backed up inside them removed. If grease build up is too severe on the walls the will have to be repainted. And not to mention the calcium. Which no one ever thinks they have. Ventilation about the vent filters need to be cleaned wether by the cleaner or a professional. And there is so much more, and I am still on the kitchen here.

Professional cleaners, whether thru an agency or some one with a lot of experience with references aren't just cleaning your toilet pretty, they are playing security to your money. I mean did you know you even have to wash out the inside of your mail box? I mean that's not hard to do if you know that the landlord will try to get 1800 CHF from you when he says on the final walk thru they it's not 100% done to his/her liking, and now there is no time for you to do it. But the cleaner will.

Sorry to get worked up about this, but sometimes when people try to do this on the cheap, and don't give the cleaner the adequate time or funds to get the job done right, they get the wrong kind of service for what needs to be done in the end. Do it right, and get your deposit back.
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