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Will you be covered under Swiss or US insurance? If it's US, then your best bet is to see how many months you can bring with you, and do that accompanied by a letter from your doctor. sending via mail could be tricky, but you might have a look at the swissmedic site and see if you can talk to someone there about what you have to do to import your meds. Swissmedic regulates medicines and medical devices.

Here's a link that may help, perhaps contacting these people will give you some further information. The site suggests a monthly prescription, but I don't know if that's feasible.

If it's Swiss insurance, you will need to establish a contact here. For example the psychiatry department at the zurich university hospital. Perhaps your physician could call the department for you, after you locate a contact willing to help.

I think the best communication will be doctor to doctor, if you can arrange it, and maybe swissmedic has some suggestions.

I would get a copy of your pertinent results and a simple letter from a US doctor ready to fax or email.

Good luck. Please let us know how it works out, we get questions like this from time to time.
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