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Re: Loss of C permit to a B permit with expat assignment

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Hi folks

I recently returned from a 1,5y expat assignment outside Switzerland.
When i left for my assignment, I was a C permit holder (7 years in Switzerland) and presented a letter from the company i work informing the authorities my permit was to be suspended and re-activated again.
Note that i did the de-registration process (abmeldung)
When i came back, authorities gave me a B permit claiming they had no record of such letter; so i am now starting all over again and subject to withholding taxation. Also i know i loose other benefits with this process - still learning which ones.

My company - they screwed up - are trying to get C permit back, but i don't have much faith.

This is a warning to all but I'd also like to hear your similar experiences


Did you get an official letter from the Cantonal Authorities confirming your permit was suspended? Also, did you fill out an application to suspend your permit (Gesuch um Aufrechterhaltung der Niederlassungsbewilligung). Every Canton has its own application form which must be filled out (below is an example from Kanton Aargau):

A letter from your employer is only considered supporting documentation, but you must file an official application.
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