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Re: Swiss mull tough benefit cuts for asylum seekers

We are (almost all I believe) foreigners. We (almost all) contribute to this country, usually more than we get back. I don't mind that, piece left for me is still generous enough for me to stay and having time of my life.
These asylum seekers, it's not an easy topic. Many sad stories. Problem is, not many actually need protection. As said, amounts to get here from Africa, Asia are usually 5-digit USD equivalents, and you need to be really rich there (or be utterly stupid and get to huge debt) to go for this ride.
And Switzerland is tiny spec of dust. It cannot embrace all people from whole world (and Switzerland has quite a special status, many people want to get exactly here, not just generally Europe). So with current global economic conditions, either flow is throttled quite intensively, or problem gets worse.
Mentioned Mongolians - I seriously doubt they are here for anything else than money. There are no persecutions of minorities there, and the state is more or less democracy. So unless they are criminals back home, this is economic migration. And same applies for many, many others.
If this would be up to me (and it is not, correctly), I would accept only truly endangered people, that can prove they would face execution or torture based on political/racial/ethnic membership. You know, north korea, few african states (really just few), and that's probably it. Rest of them, they could live back home, in worse condition than here, but perfectly manageable (as they did before coming here).
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