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Re: Steg Computer AG delivers defective item and won't honor warranty

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We've only ever had positive experiences with Steg too.
I have only ever had positive experiences with Steg too, until now. Maybe you can try buying a defective Motherboard like the one I got and see what it is like.

I bought this motherboard on the 14 of May, found the issues and sent a RMA (via email) request on the 16 of May. No answer from them until the 05 June. As per their request I brought the Motherboard to Dietikon on the 07 June where that technician who had a bad day told me what he told me and have been waiting ever since. A one-month (and counting) RMA is not really great, is it?

There are a few reasons why I "used to" prefer buying from online stores in Switzerland such as Steg, the most important one being local Warranty. In view of the latest events, and going through all this one month waiting without working Motherboard nor money back, next time I will most likely buy from the US or ebay, cheaper and likely a Warranty system that can't get worse than the one you get here locally in Switzerland.

Anyhow, I really hope Steg takes this chance to learn and improve from it.

PS: ignore these "groaners" Papa_Goose and family which are just a bunch of ignorant forum Trollers, they do forum Trolling for a living and know nothing about computer building, nor motherboards and most likely have never bought this kind of items online in stores like Steg, Microspot and Digitec. I have.

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