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Re: How long does the Euro have left?

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Concerning the ultra high salary cases: (for example the train driver).
It is absolutery TRUE that there have been cases of ridiculously OVERPAID (especially for greek standards) professionals. Not every train driver in Greece makes 7500 Euros per month. They might get that much + a bit more per year. The guys that made so much money were parts of 'syndicates' extremely close to the political parties. If you belonged in these syndicates you had a beautiful life.
In a few words: Corruption (especially in justice and public administration), lack of auditing and controlling the crazy spending of the corrupted few (see what happens in defense expenses in Greece - must be one of the highest budgets in the world) and above all a lack of VISION for what Greece should and what Greece could be, are a major part of the greek problem. On top of that add to the mix the usual bunch of unprofessionals (especially in the tourism industry) and you easily get a mix with a very ugly 'public' profile, and serious inside problems... Not good at all.
There are indeed many problems within the greek society and many 'pathologies', but I don't think that the average greek person had the buying power they are 'advertised' to have... Moreover , what is worse, during the recession years, NOTHING was done to heal these structural problems of the greek society (and some things could be done for FREE).

10,000 a month even for a tanker captain seems quite high unless we are talking about highly experienced ones of course. The is a high end salary for the profession.

But anyway, this is exactly what I've been reading in the reporting. I've never read that 'everyone in the whole country is being overpaid'.... It's those people's salaries and pensions need to be cut. Not sure how realistic that's going to be.

The other problem that is being reported is that tax evasion is a serious issue in Greece. Do you have any thoughts on that issue from a Greek perspective?
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