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Re: How often should one change their tires (tyres)?

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Not a Swiss thing, just a thing of someone who has clearly too much money and too less brain.

Replace my summer tires when they are at/near the legal limit 1.60 mm. Winter ones sooner at ~4 mm. Or if they are older than 6 years.

TCS recommends to replace summer tires when they have less than 3mm.
. They also say you should not drive if the tires are older than 10 years. Normally a tiere is approx 1-2 year old at purchase. Do not accept any tire that is older than six years at date of purchase. See above post how to find production date.

My observation: tires wear down (not out) much faster at higher speeds. Older tires are harder, have less grip, and do not wear down as fast as new ones.
That is dead on accurate advice, I would only add that it is equally important to rotate your tires so you can ensure more accurate wear through the life of the car. As with your brakes the front tires will wear out faster than the rears.

All tires also have a tread wear rating, although it is not strictly regulated that all manufactures use the same scale you can still get an understanding how soft/hard the compound is and how long the tread life will be.
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