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Re: moving to switzerland with a dog

thats so nice to hear that people are dog friendly! it seems like no one is around here. my dog is such a lover, but people just seem so put off by him. he doesnt stink, hes not muddy, and he has very clean breath.. i dont get it!

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If you are bringing the dog in with you, you don't have to take the classes but as meloncollie says, it is still a good idea to do so in order to know what the deal really is here, but it won't be enforced so you don't need to have it on your list to do the second you land.

It is amazing how dog friendly they are here (never would have imagined seeing dogs walking around a Macy's like they do in all the stores here!), but as mentioned it is a land of rules and people LOVE to complain about dogs if they don't have them! We got yelled at once because we let our dog pee into a bush on the sidewalk where their kids walk by...! The one thing we miss from North America is the closed in dog park. We have a rescue dog that was never trained and is a breed that does not learn well after a year or two so she completely turns off the ears when the leash comes off. So she has to stay on the leash all the time which is sad as she can't run around like she would like to and it means lots more walking for us...thankfully the views are amazing so it makes the walks a lot more fun than just walking around the square blocks we used to back home

good luck with the move! and make sure you download the paperwork that the Swiss need to have your vet back home fill out - customs will ask for it...and there is usually different forms for the airline as well if you are just bringing your dog as baggage.
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