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Re: moving to switzerland with a dog

i have only just begun my research.. i havent looked at the permits or anything; im trying to find out info on the things most important to me first, which is freedom of health. here in america, we are getting our rights knocked away little by little. this "obamacare" is gonna take the cake. im just hoping nothing about compulsory vaccination has been slipped in there.

there are many other countries on my list.. just thought id start with the german-speaking ones first!

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Caninsui, be careful with this advice - the classes are rigorously enforced in many Gemeinden. Yes, some Gemeinden are pretty half-hearted in enforcement - but if this is a sticking point for the OP than perhaps Switzerland is NOT the place for him/her.

The law says that every owner of a dog acquired after 1 Sept. 2008 (when the TSchV came into force) must take the practical SKN classes. So as the OP's dog is less than 2 years old, he is indeed requried to take the practical course.

To give you an idea - where I live enforcement is strict. One needs to give a copy of the course certificate to the Gemeinde, and they will chase you up for it. As they will for copies of the insurance policy, and of course the microchip registration. And if the Gemeinde doesn't find (and fine!) you, your neighbors will eagerly denounce you. (To the OP - look up courage civile.)

As with everything in Switzerland, YMMV.

There is NO EXCEPTION for microchipping and registration in the national database. This is a federal law. Your vet is a mandatory reporter and would be required to report you to the authorities if your dog is not chipped. Most documentation is linked to your dog's chip number.

And without a microchip and duly vaccinated - the OP won't be allowed to bring your dog into Switzerland. (The only exception for vaccination in order to import an adult dog would be documented heath conditions where vaccination is contraindicated, provided by the US vet. This would need to be submitted to the Veterinarämt for consideration. But if the dog in not healthy enough to vaccinate, there is a chance that one may be refused entry. Philosophical objection won't cut it in terms of entry requirements.

But once in, the dog does not need to be re-vaccinated as long as the dog never leaves Switzerland. And as long as the OP does not engage in activities requiring it.

But to the OP - Wolfsbaby if you are not comfortable with rules and regulations and governmental (and neighborhood ) intrusion into your private life , Switzerland is going to be a very difficult adjustment for you. Switzerland is not a land where one can go one's own way; the country works because there is a very strong ethos of following rules, of bending to the will of the majority. There is little scope for deviation from the norm in Switzerland - this should be understood when one is considering a move here.

Take some time to read through the forum - your idea of Switzerland might change a bit.

But if you move here, you must follow the rules on chipping, registration, SKN classes, etc. For your dog's sake.

Best of luck to you in this decision.


Wolfybaby - forgive me if I have the wrong end of the stick, but your comments sound as if you are just beginning to research a move to Switzerland. Have you looked into the requirements for you yourself to move here? It is very difficult for an American (ie., non-EU) to get a work permit (and thus residence permit), as jobs must first go to any CH or EU citizen. And unless you are seriously minted, moving here on a non-working visa is also very difficult. If you have dual citizenship with an EU country things will be easier. Do browse the Permits section if you haven't already done so.
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