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well i am new on this website ...i have some question for swiss permit c wife bring me here in swiss in 2005 and after 1 month we got marry here and and now its already 3 years finished i sent my permit b for renew so this time i will get my 4th time renew permit b but my wife want to apply diverced we are still living together and she is shifting to another kanton end of january i waana know if she waana give diverced and she can give diverced after sepration ? if i will not agree for diverced and she will apply diverced can i get 4th time B permit ? and if she change the kanton and i will stay alone here so the can stop my b permit 4th time ? please reply me i will wait for ur anser
best regards
Not sure what your post has to do with permit C but if you are no longer married then you are no longer a dependant of your wife and will lose your right to that permit - the authorities are particularly tough on your type of situation for obvious reasons however unfair this may be in any given relationship.
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