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Re: Freizuegigkeitskonto [vested benefit account]

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My Questions are :

1.) Did my old Freizuegigkeitskonto(1) gets closed automatically once funds got transferred to new Pension Company(2)?

2.) I have not received any statement of deductions from Previous Pension Company (1), Shall I ask for the same and can i use it for my Tax declarations?

3.) Will my New Pension Company(2) will again deduct some amount while transferring to Freizuegigkeitskonto?? If Yes will it be based on the total amount in Pension fund( Old Pension Money(X) + new additions from new employment( myself and employer)) or only from additional part from new employment??

4.) Do I need to open a new Freizuegigkeitskonto myself or can it be redirected to old Freizuegigkeitskonto(1)?

5.) Interest we receive in Pension fund & Freizuegigkeitskonto is Taxable??
I mean should I declare it while filling my Tax returns?

Thanks so much for your expert guidance.
Best Regards.
The explanation from your former employer doesnt quite make sense, assuming the pension fund was a defined contribution type scheme. What you save is what you save and there should be no deduction for age. However, not all of your contributions go into saving, as employers often make you contribute to the insurance components of the fund such as death in service benefits. You should have received regular statements from your employer showing the total amounts

1. Yes.
2. Your annually salary statement already shows your deductions in the total "Netto Lohn II" so you dont need the statement for the mentioned reason.
3. No, see above.
4. New account. Either you open your own and instruct the former employer to make the transfer, or after six months the employer opens one on your behalf. Normally (but not always) employers pay more interest on the savings than a bank will.
5. No, you can basically ignore 2nd pillar pension fund in your tax return

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