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Re: 90k CHF - enough to live on?

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I am sorry but I fail to see where the insult can be in one's own personal opinion based on his own judgement.

I do share his view that to have an above average lifestyle in Zurich you need exactly that amount of money. And I am talking about a nice flat with a view on the lake, going to good restaurant, having a nice car and so on... Zurich is the same as London from this point of view. You have to pay a high premium to get nice things. In London you'll be fine with an average salary as long as you are happy to live in a ex-council flat, go out to mediocre restaurants and don't waste too much money on cars. Not that I am saying that these are indispensabile things and as a note I am far from that salary level. However, I am deeply disappointed that people found this offensive. Some people do like nice things and prefer to live in small towns where you get nicer things for your money. It is not a mistery that those things are widely sought after in places like Zurich and London and therefore there is a huge premium to pay for that, higher than in many other places. Nothing to be groaned about it, perhaps better to groan at some people's attitude. It's a choice. Some people are happy in ex-council flats in crime infested areas of London, others are happy with dull industrial type accomodation in Zurich suburbs but the fact is that those are not 'above average' lifestyle. And if someone wants to move to another country only if he can get an above average lifestyle is another personal choice which should not be blamed.
Exactly my point. I do not wish to "belittle" anybody, however not everybody wants to have an average lifestyle, I could have stayed in Canada for that (it would have been even better). If you are planning to have an average house, put kids in private school and not those ethnic "day prisons" and have 2 cars, even average... It's going to cost you a lot in Switzerland.
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