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Re: Renewing B Permit if Divorced

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hi friends
thanx for ur advice ....u know what we still together and she cant apply diverce till we go for seprate and end of this month she want me to resign of house agreement and if i will resign house agreement then we can still stay together next 4 month till end of May then in june she can apply diverce and then i will not agree for diverce that called one sided diverce .normal what i heard that diverce can take 2 years timing if one person don agree for diverce .in 13 january 2010 i will finished my 5 years in swiss and diverce will happen in june 2010 and before diverce i will get permit c. i have plus point for me that i worked here in swiss and i can move my bills myself i am not depend on my wife .what do you think is i am rite ?
Best regards
No, I don't think your are right. On what basis would you not allow the divorce? The authorities will possibly see this as a bad thing.

Are you in employment at the moment. I believe this would put you in a better position than trying to hang on for time served as you describe. If you are currently working on a permanent contract then, with a little help from your employer, you may be able to change the type of your permit to a standard B.
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