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Re: Just moved to Zurich area & looking to Publish an online English Magazine

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Dear All,
Myself, My wife & son, Have just recently relocated Kanton Zurich (Urban Turbenthal) ! We basically moved here because my wife took a position as a Fashion Design Director for a company in Zurich doing Corporate Fashion last year!
I myself come from a Fashion P.R , Media & Advertising background & after seeing how difficult it is to find an English Speaking Job in the sector & also the fact that my son does not have a place in our kindergrippe till mid September, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I might be better of doing something on my own.
My Idea is to create a monthly well rounded Fashion & Lifestyle magazine for both Men & Women. When I say well rounded I mean that I would like the magazine to have a little bit of everything... Fashion, Lifestyle, Interior Design, Art, Food & Travel, Local & International News / Celebrity Gossip, Luxury goods & even perhaps a Financial News section as there are a lot of English speaking expats working in this field in here in Switzerland.
I would be interested to hear if anyone has any feedback.

Thanks & Warm Regards,
Paul Jovanov
Dear All,
I first want to say Thank you to everyone for there thoughts! This is exactly what I need to get a better idea of what you as reader would like to see in such a magazine as well as those who who like to contribute!

I want you all to know that I am not walking into this new venture blind. We are already off to a great start as i am very lucky to have a very good friend of mine helping me with this. My friend is & has been a chief editor for an global Printed & Online magazine for almost 14 years based in France! His magazine is of course of a different genre (it is the most successful & longest running magazine of its kind however the concept of how it is built & runs stays the same.

I am looking for writers & contributors in all in most area's of the magazine & also for somebody who has experience here in Switzerland helping with the Advertising! For those of you that have that already have said you would like to contribute i will contact you within the next days;-)

I am thinking of making the content of the Magazine 60 % Swiss and the other 40 % International. However regarding Luxury goods try to focus more on Swiss Products (as I Know the Asian market is willing to spend alot on high quality Swiss goods)

To begin with the magazine would be available online also having an app however if successful after 2-3 years would look at going print!

Once again.. Thank You & please continue to give your thoughts.
Warm Regards,
Paul Jovanov
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