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Re: August 1 and all that noise

Our (rescue) dog is the same- she is a big girl but tries to get under my jumper if there is a storm or fireworks. Better recently as she is becoming quite deaf. After we had had her with us for 4 months, without any problems with leaving her alone if we went out, we went to spend New Year's Eve with friends. We lived next to a Pub, and they never had the courtesy to tell us that they were going to have a massive fireworks display that night- with some of those chinese fireworks that make more noise than display.

Got back at 2am, only to find she had gauged great big streaks into the 1920s oak doors in the dining-room/kitchen, had pulled up and torn the carpet, and blood everywhere as she had torn a claw. She was in such a State!

We are invited to friends for 1st of August BBQ down in the next village- but will go and ask our neighbours if any of them intend to have any fireworks- and if the answer is yes we won't go out. Fortunately the village's official fireworks are a long way away so she should be fine.

At least here, it's only one night, possibly 3. In the UK, with Diwali, Eid and Guy Fawks, we had fireworks non-stop for about 3 months.
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