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I think I must have my camera at the ready as well

Every year the x-mouse tree goes out on the balcony after the holidays, fitted with various birdseed baubles.

Daily we see the blue tits and the great tits along with coal tits feeding on the baubles, two years ago there was also a punk tit , sorry a crested tit , it looks like a punk with its crop of feathers on top of the head

Last Sunday we had sort of 'tits galore', when the long tailed tits came for the first time ever to feed.They completed now the set of tits we could see close up and are living in the area.

Other than them ,we have tons of sparrows and a couple of blackbirds who also regularly pop by as well as the occasional chaffinch,robin and towards end of february a black redstart, who's nesting under our roof.

Also frequently spotted in the forest on my walks is one Eurasian jay and several great spotted woodpeckers .

But also recently, more and more crows and magpies and I blame them to be responsible for the decline of various songbirds in my area!
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