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Re: Twilight Break-ins - how to avoid

Personally, I'm uneasy carrying any equipment which may cause anyone else real injury when I'm off duty. That looks like an avenue to get me sued or something. So I also have the ubiquitous Swiss Pocket knife but that's it. At work it's a different situation as we get sent to where there's trouble. So they are two totally different kettles of fish fingers. Carrying a knife "for self-defence purposes" is very different in my eyes from just happening to have a knife to cut the pizza you just ordered when working late at the office. You carry the former with the implicit acceptance that it may be used as a weapon. In the latter case the intention (implicit or otherwise) isn't that it is a weapon. It's lawyer-fodder.

In a real emergency a stale baguette could be used as a self-defence weapon, of course. But I don't know of anyone who carries one for self defence, now I come to think about it...

Cheers, Danis
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