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Re: The Olympic open ceremony thread

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Exactly. He "may" not. He definitely does. It isn't just about the stroke, but also the multiple distances. The fact that you can get so much "duplication" in the sport suggests to me that it needs to be cut back a little.

50m freestyle
100m freestyle/backstroke/breaststroke/butterfly
200m freestyle/backstroke/breaststroke/butterfly/meddley
400m freestyle/meddley
1500m freestyle

That's before you get to the 3 relay races and I left out the 10k swim.

Did I miss any? I'm just surprised they don't have doggy paddle in there too.

Compare that to track and field events. You might get someone in the 100 and 200 + relays. At a push in the 400 as well, but not in hurdles and you don't mix long vs. short distances.

Don't get me wrong. He is a fine athlete, a great Olympian and clearly ahead of his peers (in previous Olympics anyway), and what he has achieved is not to be sniffed at. I just think that it is too easy for swimmers compared to other disciplines, and people will look at that tally and, like you, say he's the GOAT.

That just doesn't sit well with me.
Isn't there an 800m as well?

But there is nothing stopping a runner from going 100/200/400/800/1500 relays, hurdles, at times they have been long jumpers as well. As someone who swam somewhat competitively I can tell you 50m/100m and 400m plus are completely different. Yes it looks the same but so do the runners.

Yes to hurdle its a different skill but each swimming stroke is a different skill as well as turning skill.

Also, some of his races will detract from some performances in the other. Missy Franklin the other night swam a heat about 20 minutes before a final in which she won gold. When you compete in so many races you do risk not giving each one 100pc.

Can you offer some alternatives to GOAT?
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