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Re: The Olympic open ceremony thread

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Like what? You for real?

A 100 m runner looks like a 200 m, sure, but 400 m have a different physique and the longer they go the "thinner they are" as a rule of thumb.

Generally, I rate the generalists above the specialists. Sure individual records are set by the specialists, but those who compete and win in multiple events and do so successfully year on year show all round abilities.

Some contenders here:
I mean the action of swimming vs the action of running, not the physiques of the athletes, and I would agree a 100m runner is not running 1500m but they could run up to 400m. 100m, 200m, 400m, plus relays but they dont (often) do they. How many swimmers do you see qualifying for as many races as Phelps does? and he may not be finished on 19.

I take your point he gets more races but he's still no 1 for me. Lewis for me is close but how much suspicion is there of drugs involved and Nurmis record from the bbc link is impressive.

I think its also fair to discount how many relay medals Phelps has won. So he's not the far in front BUT he's a long way in front of the second place swimmer.
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