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EU expat contract + religious tax

Hi all,

here is another one of these "just arrived and trying to figure out how it really works" question.

So, my partner (German) got transferred to Switzerland from a Danish company, who is keeping him on the Danish system, meaning that his pension is staying in Denmark, and he is not paying any social security taxes here in Switzerland. The contract is valid for 3 years.

The question is: if the situation arose, would he be able to claim unemployment? Or has he opted out of any support from the Swiss government for not contributing to their taxes/pension fund? On the same train of thought, what does it mean for him to be on what is essentially an EU expat contract?

The other question is regarding religious tax: does anybody have experience in getting out of this after having announced to be protestant? [Edit: found the answer for that one on another thread... Will get him to run to the Kreisburo tomorrow morning!!]

Many thanks to all of you for your help. I really really appreciate.


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