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Re: Billed 260CHF to change a light bulb!

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There are laws to protect you from this situation. The owner / agency is obliged to only charge you for repairs costing less than CHF 150 (In some Cantons the level is CHF 200)
I'm not sure the above would apply as the lighting unit was not defective, simply a blown bulb, which would be down to the tenant to fix, unless it was a sealed unit.

The OP states he told the regie' about the light not working and they said they would send someone to fix it, and the OP agreed. At that point the OP should have asked where the liability for they payment should be as I think the regie would view it as he asked for the service he received... but didn't ask whose paying. Also at that point I guess there was no way to tell if it was just the bulb, the starter, or the light that wasn't working. The elctro attended and found no fault with the light and ended up just changing the bulb, so the tenant gets the bill, which sounds right. However, CHF 260 is a lot to change a bulb, but the electro has probably charged a call out fee, travel time, labour time, and for the bulb, so I would ask the regie' for an itemised bill just to make sure they haven't added their admin fee to it

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The "thing" is: minor maintenance ("kleinen Unterhalt") are the duty of the tenant. For example changing filters or light bulbs. I am afraid the 50/100/150CHF limit does NOT apply for these.....

I was extremely mad about it, but had nothing to do so paid up and learned my lesson: DO NOT LET THE REGIE FIX ANYTHING FOR YOU.
I think your right on the 1st part, but not the second. Sometimes regie's have agreements with tradesmen and work is done at discounted rates so the tenant can benefit, sometimes they can if given carte blanche stiff a tenant. So the moral of the story is:
Getting your regie to fix things isn't a problem as long as you know who is paying, and agree to an estimate before any work is carried out.
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