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Re: Low Cost Airline - 1p Seat Give Away Con ??!!

The whole low-cost airline model is based on minimising costs, that means cutting out anything that is not mandated or jeapodises safety. So expect to have almost everything as an option. I like the idea of all the costs: be in additional (or any!) baggage, check in, food being separate cost items. I am sure Michael O Leary would have little sympathy.

The cost of airline travel has fallen dramatically over the last ten years, and the competition is fierce in the low-cost sector.

Yes, the additional charges (tax, fuel surcharge etc) are added at a late stage, but this is changing (as Uncle Max pointed out). It should be noted that this behaviour is endemic in most online booking (tickets, hotels etc) where the booking fee or insurances or whatever are added at the last stage before payment. The reason that most people make a fuss about the airline taxes, is that they are so high relative to the fare, or better put: the airline fare (1p in your case) is so low relative to the overall charge.

The lowcost airlines have completely overhauled air travel and expect to see the airports being the next target for cost-cutting following baggage handling. The departure shed cometh !


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It gets better ! Last time we used them our baggage limit was 15 kg each. Now I felt quite chuffed that as a family of 4 (= 60 kg) I managed to get all our holiday clothes into just 3 suitcases - and it weighed just under at 55 kg and was in the guidelines on the health and safety weight limit for baggage handlers. But get this - I was told I was going to be find 101 because you are supposed to have upto 15 kg per bag ! Persoanlly thought it made more sense - more room in the hold and less carrying for us. Anyway I wouldnt pay that - I raced of the the samsonite shop and bought a hold hall for 14.99 and shared out some of the clothes.
Feeling chuffed at my actions I asked my hubby that as I had saved us 86 could I go and do some shopping in Monsoon !!! Wont tell you his answer !
Yep read the small print again!!! and again....and again...
Do they charge for loo paper ??
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