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Re: Cost of Mammogram etc

Hello IM

I can tell you exactly for a mammogram and so on, having had some tests at the beginning of last year. Squeamish people might need to look away at this point........

The mammogram was CHF189.85, including being sent the actual images themselves! Found that amazing and very interesting, yes I am a nerd.

A well woman consultation with all associated examinations, smears and swabs, and colposcopy was CHF167.35, and cytopathology lab costs were CHF50.45.

The mistake I made was to self refer to a clinic and not get a referral from my GP first; this meant that my insurer regarded the tests as frivolous (anyone who has had their bosoms squeezed between 2 glass plates, however kind the nurse helping her, would not choose this activity for fun!) and refused to pay.

I cannot give you a price for ultrasound, but I think the prices we were charged for the other, quickly administered and highly professional tests were not too startling. Or have I been living here too long.

All the best, I hope you are as reassured by your results as I was.

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