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Re: SBB Complaint: Fined for handwriting date on day pass

I would fight for it, even CHF1. Of course it's not the amount that matters but the fact that they assume you're being dishonest ad not looking at the details of your story.
Several years ago I flew to Geneva and needed to go to Lausanne for the week end. My flight landed on Friday at 22.00 in Geneva and I took the train from Geneva to Lausanne.
At the machine, I saw a return ticket and since I needed to return from Lausanne on Sunday I thought it was the easiest, no need for a new ticket on Sunday. Well wrong of course since return tickets are only valid the same day (not stated on the machine when you take the ticket..)
So I got caught on Sunday for not having a valid ticket, got fined just as if I didn't bought anything even if the agent could see I had a return the was bought on Friday at 22.00 and validated by his colleague at 22.30 anf not return was used...
Conclusion: if they find the smallest reason to charge you they will, even if you're obviously being honest.
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