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Re: SBB Complaint: Fined for handwriting date on day pass

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Thank you - I know I have already spent more time thinking about this than I probably should given that it's only CHF 20, but if I say nothing this lady will feel justified in her actions and I will not have made my point about being right and having been punished unfairly.

Thanks for sharing your story and encouraging me to keep fighting. Indeed, the most painful thing was being told by everyone that I was not telling the truth.

In fact, the SBB lady also threatened me with this, but I was careful not to give her my name or demi-tarif card (the special offer ticket did not require one) so I am sure my record is clean. Still, I will fight my case since I know I am right and I would like them to acknowledge their mistake.

Thanks for the advice. You are right about the letter, I can also compose my thoughts better this way. I have taken pictures of the Geneva bus ticket machines today and I will print them out to accompany the letter.

That is a wonderful suggestion, and I will write to Meyer and let you know what happens. Normally I would hesitate to send good money after bad (i.e. cost of registered mail) but I am curious to see how this would turn out. I need to run an errand in the post office on Tuesday, anyway, so I'll do this at the same time.

Unfortunately I was too rattled at the time to write down the name of the conductor, but I am sure they can trace it if I specify which train I was on.

Agree with everything in your post; I really like that you stood up for yourself and refused to pay. I would have liked to do the same but without the Geneva ticket machines in front of me I could not prove to her that there is no ability to print SBB tickets. In fact, since she went on and on about how I must be lying, I started to doubt my story myself - I don't take the buses in Geneva often and I knew they had started introducing new ticket machines that I hadn't looked at too closely. Now that I have solid proof (pictures of these machines) - I am more prepared to stand my ground.
Be sure to save the receipt for the registered letter and ask them to pay for that as well.
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