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Re: An Inconvenient Truth - us ruining our planet

Did anyone see the interesting documentary about the Atlantic Conveyor slowing down? This is the flow of warm water up from the warmer southern seas that eventually cools near Greenland and returns back to the south. This conveyor is responsible for keeping the climate of England much warmer than countries on the same parallel.

Apparently scientists have studied this and discovered that the conveyor has stopped many times and each time an ice age has gripped northern Europe. They also predict that the conveyor will stop again within the next few decades and we will once again see Ice Bergs in the North Sea.

I believe that they also mentioned in the same program that the carbon emissions from humans are insignificant when compared with the emissions caused by naturally occurring things such as volcanos.

Now I don't subscribe to the shock and awe tactics that are currently in play. I also don't believe that we are doing ourselves or our planet any good by burning up our natural resources at the rate that we do. But, having said that, I think that there are too many variables at play to be able to simply say that we are killing our planet.
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