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Re: Help! Preparation of Marriage Visa/Fiancee Visa


I had to come here to let some "steam" out.
Im Finnish and I still live in Finland. I have a Swiss fiance who lives in kanton Thurgau and we want to get married next summer. Im staying in Switzerland now so we are trying to get all the permits in order. After the marriage I will still stay in Finland because I want need to finish my studies.

Well today we got a letter (after sending millions of papers and visiting the commune some times) that I`M NOT ALLOWED TO MARRY. In the other words the commun refuses to marry me with my fiance because he doesnt earn enoung. He got a salary of 4000 franken per month with is enough for living (from our point of view)

So, you can guess how angry we both are at the moment. The boss of my fiance called to his lawer and this lawer told that we should go to the commune and try to be really nice and exlpain again that Im not going to stay in Switzerland untill my studies are finished and maybe that will help.

The other options are that I find a job (which makes no sense because i have to return to finland) or that we go to Finland and get married there. Im soon going to really consider the latter.

It just so wierd. Its not like it makes sense for me to come to Switzerland to live in social support (if they worry this) beause the support in Finland ins ten times better that in Switzerland. So. if I would be a social case I would stay in Finland.

Huhh...Im sorry that this is maybe off the topic but I just had to let my anger out