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Re: Non-EU spouse of EU permit holder

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Thanks for the tips. I will get in touch with Swiss officials in the UK and post back regarding the outcome.

My husband is a professional with a university degree and 7 years postgraduate work experience. Unfortunately his profession are not high earners (even in Switzerland!) so I'll need to find out if supporting a wife on a very modest lifestyle will put them sufficiently at ease!

I am also a university educated professional but will require a higher level of language learning before I can practise my profession in Switzerland. Part time work in another field and language school may be what I initially do.
I think you might not need to worry much about the salary of your husband. The key is that he find a job and secure his EU work permit. Your permit will be processed after as in the family reunion procedure. In the requirement they never said your husband has to have a big salary to support your family, they just require that you have sufficient financial means, this can be a reasonable salary, but also can be saving money in the bank.

As for your job, it's good you start to check for information, but now it is not a good time to actually start action: e.g. sending cv... Because you are non-EU, it is very difficult for the companies to hire you. They have to prove to the authority that they cannot find suitable candidates from CH or EU, and they have to apply for an non-EU working permit for you. Even if you are lucky some companies is willing to hire you despite those complexities, after, you still have to go through the family reunion process to change your permit to the same EU permit as your husband. It's double pain.

So, the best thing is wait until you get your EU permit through your husband, and then you are allowed to apply for jobs in CH without much restrictions (you will be on the same priority level as EU citizens) and it will be easier for your job hunting.
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