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First World Problems

I've seen this expression popping up in a lot of places recently, and I can't really follow the logic.

Virtually any problem or basis for complaint can be put on a relative scale. Some are petty by almost any standards, some are very serious by most people's reckonings and would be considered so in most parts of the world.

But the idea of diminishing the importance or relevance of one over another seems pointless at best and dangerous at worst to me. It's not like people in the 'third world' (how I hate that term, 'developing nations' is not much better) don't have petty and mundane problems.

It's not as if not thinking about and wanting to improve social interactions and daily life in your own country keeps you from doing good or wanting to improve conditions in another. Most people are not being kept from saving the planet because they are posting on a forum about a problem they had at work or something.

We in the wealthier countries have enough to feel guilty about if we really want to, we don't need to feel guilty about being bothered or inconvenienced about daily events or behaviour.

Not a big deal (definitely a 'first world' one by current usage), just something that occurs to me every time I see the phrase.

Here I am complaining about people complaining about the way people are complaining...
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