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Re: To move or not to move to Schaffhausen - all info greatly appreciated!

We've been in Stetten, about a 10 minute drive from the Schaffhausen city center for almost a year now, and I have to say that we love it . Schaffhausen is nice because there are a fair amount of English-speaking ex-pats due to the various international companies (Unilever, Citrix, John Deere, etc.), but not so many that I'm missing out on the culture of Switzerland. The city of Schaffhausen is cute, has decent shopping, and is only a 10 minute drive to Jestetten, Germany for groceries, DM, and an apothecary.

There is a wonderful English-speaking pediatrician in town, and a lot of the families from the International school use him. My family (OH, myself, 4 y.o., and 7 y.o.) use a really terrific family practice physician, also English-speaking.

Our 7 y.o. attends the International School and our 4 y.o. attends local kindergarten. We've been welcomed with open arms by the parents at each school.

My experience with the locals in shops and elsewhere is that they'll want to practice their English with you as soon as they find out you don't know much German. The folks I've come across who don't know English have all been very willing to try to help me--usually with us both miming what we need

Let me know if you'd like to come out to our house. I'm more than willing to answer any questions you might have. And, welcome to the forum!!!
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