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Re: Insurance Coverage for Pregnancy and Birth

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I am also pregnant (due in June) and had a long talk with a friend of mine who is a "baby planner" (don't ask....). This is my second (my first was born in Canada) so I had a good idea of what questions to ask. My friend told me that the following things are covered, 100%, no deductible:

- 7 visits with a gynecologist
- 2 ultrasounds (12 & 22 weeks) though she said some insurance providers will reimburse a third
- all of the standard tests and blood work (I just had a whole bunch done, but I couldn't even tell you what they were) -- the genetic defect tests are NOT covered
- 100 CHF for prenatal classes
- 3 breastfeeding consultations
- vaginal delivery (if you have to visit the hospital in the weeks / days before the deliver, if you are overdue for example, this counts as part of the delivery costs)
- 1 post-partum visit with your gynecologist
- daily visits from a midwife for the first 10 days post-partum

Basically, if you have a normal pregnancy with no complications, everything will be covered. I didn't even ask what would happen in the case of a "complication", but at any rate if that were to happen we would do what was necessary for the health of the baby and myself and deal with the costs later, so no need to worry about it prematurely.

I hope that helps. Good luck to all of the pregnant ladies!
That was very detailed and highly informative. Thanks Janie, much appreciated.

Are you or anyone here able to estimate the total costs for all the above treatment you've mentioned, which doesn't eat into your deductible?

The reason for asking is that we are with UK Axa Prestige cover and the total they will pay out for normal pregnancy is 10k GBP and all complications (including c section) are covered up to 2M GBP.

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