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Re: Etat de lieu - Your Rights

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PCdesigns thanks for that.
Also I found it strange that I brought the original etat de lieu when I moved in and so did he!!!
Therefore no matter how clean he was already comparing against the original. Obviously marking everything down a notch.
I find it really bad and hope all I hear from them is the 100sfr and that is it.
If they start charging for more that is the only time I will go mad.
Otherwise will definitely move on.
How humiliating.
Would be interesting to have a tv documentry on something like this as I think sometimes they can push there limits further than they should!.
Did he tell you what the money was going to pay for?
Seems to me Fr. 100.00 to remove a dead moth and some blue tack is a bit extreme. Can you contact a rental agency or is he the owner?
If he is the owner, there is still legal rental rights and you can ask them what the Fr. 100 would cover, why you had to pay it on the spot, and is he within his rights?
Did you get a receipt for it? If not, get one.
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