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How many hours do you work?

Pursuant to my employment contract, I am required to work 41 hours and 15 minutes per week. I work mainly with Swiss colleagues, and have noticed that most only work their minimum hours (if not less), whilst there are others who may be classified as "workaholics" as they usually arrive at work around 7.30 and leave around 19.30. (Though, I do wonder how productive they are during this time)

In my old job in my home country, I used to work insane hours, sometimes up to 80 hours a week, which often went unnoticed and unrewarded. I repeated this pattern when I first moved to Switzerland, but my New Years' resolution has been work less and enjoy life more. I now try to only work my minimum hours, though I find I am still working an extra 1 or 2 hours a day. I am also taking German classes during the week, and need to devote time to that.

My boss (one of the "workaholics") has not raised any questions, though I sense that he is wondering why I am leaving "early". It could be purely psychological on my part, but I was wondering what the expectations are for everyone else in their workplace.

Do you all work your minimum hours or do your feel an obligation/expectation to work extra hours? Are there different expectations in Switzerland?
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